I design for a bigger purpose, whether it be to help a community, bring joy to someone's life, or inspire the future. My personality is up-trending on whole-hearted dorkiness, keeping it real, and maintaining personal growth as well as professionalism. 


Miranda Bague

I double-majored in visual technology and a dual-emphasis in printmaking and photography at San Francisco State University. My goal for my higher education was to experience an amazing city and surround myself with awesome faculty. I interned my way into the design world and realized that I was getting to wake up every morning and do something I am passionate about. Everyday I continue to feed my passion for all things visual and strive for a greater purpose.

My creative approach is to find a design that feels good. I search for design solutions until I reach the moment where I know a design is working. By that I mean that a design should provide an experience for it's audience and allow a viewer to be visually captured by an articulate message.

For me, life isn't about settling. It is about chasing the adventures, cultivating the curiosity, getting dirty, and working for your dreams. 

P.S. No one can pronounce my last name on the first try. It's Bague, with a french derivative, coming from the word "ring." The pronunciation has been Americanized to be bag-ee, as in baggy pants, plastic baggy, baggy in the knees.